Buxton Town Team is a community organisation made up of ordinary people who each pay £1 to join.

Founded in 2012, in the wake of the Government’s Portas Pilot initiative, Buxton Town Team was established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) whose objective is “to advance the prosperity of Buxton and the wellbeing of its community”. 

We currently have over 300 members who appoint a board of nine directors. They are guided by a Code of Conduct, and their role and responsibilities are given in the Board Terms of Reference. The board meets regularly and notes of meetings, with other relevant documents, can be found in the archive below. 


The current board comprises:

Matt Nuttall (chair)

Caitlin Bisknell

Steve Bradshaw

Lesley Caddy

Simon Fussell

John Goddard

Jim Lowe

Kate Maclean

Suzanne Pearson

Philip Barton (treasurer)

See below for archived documents including meeting notes and official documentation

For the Buxton Town Team privacy policy, please CLICK HERE


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Members' Ideas Meetings

This meeting, which is open to all, is tasked with generating ideas for Buxton Town Team, prioritising them and developing projects. Notes of meetings and ideas currently under discussion can be found here.

General Meetings

Buxton Town Team is required to hold a General Meeting at least once every two years. Notes from previous GMs can be found here.

Directors' Board Meetings

Directors are appointed by members at the General Meeting. The board meets regularly and notes of its meetings, with other relevant documents, can be found here. 

Communications Group

Responsible for making sure that members and the wider community know about Town Team activities, projects and events.

Scrutiny Group

Responsible for overseeing the actions of directors, committees and project groups and ensuring they fall within the bounds of the Community Interest Statement and the company's Articles of Association.

Accounts & Legal Documents

This is where we keep all the papers relating to Buxton Town Team CIC – including articles and memorandum; CIC34 reports; and accounts from 2013 to present day.

Buxton Town Team

Postal address:

c/o 4 The Quadrant

Buxton SK17 6AW

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