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The Town Team has been working on a Sustainable Travel Plan for the area for several years now – in partnership with local authorities and organisations.


This valuable work has been driven by our visionary APTT group (Access, Parking, Traffic & Transport), which has been responsible for driving many initiatives aimed at making it easier to get around town and access the places we need to be – using 'active travel' methods such as walking and cycling as well as rail and bus services.

Projects in pursuit of this aim have included the extensive Buxton on the Move consultation, as well as work on initiatives such as the Buxton Car Club and a local e-bike delivery service. We are also working on a Safer Walk & Ride Network – to find out more CLICK HERE 

To download a copy of our Buxton on the Move document CLICK HERE


Buxton Town Team is playing its part in cutting emissions and reducing the number of motor vehicles on the road – by initiating the new Buxton Car Club.

Members can book a vehicle whenever they need to, without the cost of maintenance, road tax, insurance or buying a car in the first place. Enterprise have based a car and van at Buxton Station, available exclusively to car club members by the hour.

Our Access Parking Traffic & Transport group worked with the Friends of Buxton Station to get the scheme running. Project leader Tina Heathcote said: “This concept fits beautifully with the Sustainable Travel Plan for Buxton, due out shortly for consultation.”

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Buxton can also boast the High Peak’s first e-bike delivery service... thanks to the Town Team.

While working on a Sustainable Travel Plan for the town, members were contacted by ELov, an e-cargo bike delivery firm which wanted to expand into Buxton. We put them in touch with Day Zero, Higher Buxton's own zero waste shop, and together they are now offering a zero carbon delivery service to your door.

Look out for the Buxton Sustainable Travel Plan consultation which starts in May.

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Sustainable Travel Plan


One of the key problem areas for Buxton in the next five years, as identified at the 2020 Vision Conference, is traffic, transport, access and parking – generally moving people and things around the town.

So we convened a second conference – Buxton On The Move – in 2016. Representatives from community groups, transport companies and the local authorities, as well as relevant experts, were invited to investigate what could be done to improve the town,  taking into account  everyone’s different needs.

The final report of the conference can be found here: CLICK FOR REPORT

As a result, we set up the Access, Parking, Traffic and Transport Group, tasked with developing an holistic plan for the town that meets the needs of all users, and with developing and promoting specific projects that will contribute towards achieving it.

If you'd like to get involved in this work please get in touch.



We're still working to get Buxton on the move...

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